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Qty:    Palm Model m130
[PRODUCT IMAGE]  Stylish yet affordable, the Palm™ m130 handheld features a slim shape, a vibrant color display, and an appearance that can be changed in a snap with fun, colorful faceplates (sold separately). It is so easy to use, you'll be loading your address book, digitizing your calendar and beaming information to your friends right out of the box.
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Qty:    Palm Model m515
[PRODUCT IMAGE]  The Palm™ m515 handheld is the ultimate combination of style and power. A new, brighter color display offers outstanding readability with thousands of colors and an adjustable backlight for maximum viewing control. 16MB of memory allows you to store large databases, applications and video clips with room to spare.
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Qty:    Palm Model i705
[PRODUCT IMAGE]  Stay on top of business even when you're away from your desk, with wireless access to email and the web on the Palm™ i705 handheld and Palm.Net® wireless service**.
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