Our Policies are plain, straight forward, and are designed to be read and easily understood.

I'll start with... My Top Ten Internet Business Rules!

  1. We employ people who use computers; We do not deploy computers to use people!
  2. We provide Telephone and Fax access on request!
  3. We mandate our employees Read and Understand before Reply!
  4. We will never send automated (spam) email.
  5. We refuse to link our customers to 3rd party internet sites for forms completion or response! Your information is secure with us.
  6. We may automate our business functions, but never our employees.
  7. We understand and honor your right to privacy. No information is ever sold or shared!
  8. We will never require cash or certified check to complete a transaction within the US. Your personal or business check is always welcome.
  9. We maintain normal business hours. Weekdays, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST
  10. We view the internet as just another venue for conducting business, and not an "Anonymous" way of doing business. No black holes here!

Now that I've made the above commitment to you, here are our other policies, and procedures relative to our products, and services.

1.    We stock what we advertise for sale, however, based on orders being filled on a first come first served basis,  we may not have all items in stock for immediate shipment.  Items identified as Sale, Used, Demo, Old Stock, and Refurbished, are normally one of a kind, so orders for multiple items should not be placed without prior approval.

2.    Orders placed against available stock are normally shipped with 24 hours, or "next business day".

3.    Orders are not processed on Saturday or Sunday, and on several national holidays, including Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Years Day, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, and the 4th of July, and maybe my birthday!

4.    We accept purchase orders from local businesses and individuals who have established credit with us, verifiable School Districts, and verifiable Government entities. In some cases we may require a credit card to "guarantee the purchase" while awaiting the transmission of a copy of the purchase order, or payment, or both.

5.    You can place orders, and then call with your credit card information, or, you can place an order, and then send a check for the total amount. ( Our Secure Checkout, is truly secure, and the information never leaves our site)

6.    Payments by personal or business check will delay order shipment until the checks have had time to clear. This can be 3 to 7 business days.  A business day is any weekday (Monday through Friday), which is not also a holiday.

7.    Sales made to customers within the state of Ohio, that are not "Tax Exempt" are taxable at the rate of 6%. Tax exempt forms can be faxed to 937-374-7477, or scanned and emailed to

8.    Credit Card orders must be shipped to the same address to which the monthly credit card statements are sent, unless otherwise approved. We do not accept international Credit Cards. Acceptable Credit Cards must have been issued by a Bank or Bank Branch located within the US, and to a US citizen currently residing in the States.  We do not currently ship outside the US. We do not currently ship to Canada.

9.    Our preferred shipper is UPS, however we can ship Fedex, or Airborne. We prefer  NOT to ship USPS because of the lack of "in route" tracking, and the extra time and expense to get signed receipts, and the unusually high cost of insurance. We will ship USPS to Hawaii, because of the  lesser cost to our customers versus UPS.

10.  If we make a mistake, we will allow the order to be cancelled, and if shipped, we will pay for the return postage.

11. If your shipment is damaged, please notify us immediately, and keep all boxes and packaging materials together for inspection by a UPS claims representative.

12. Don't hesitate to call or write if you made a mistake on your order. We will correct the error here before it is shipped.