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Our Weather Station is currently located at the SGC Airpark in Xenia, Ohio 45385.


   Sunrise  07:00 am  Click to see larger image  Sunset  08:08 pm

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NWS Logo NWS National Weather Service Forecast for Xenia Ohio 45385

Current Weather Conditions as of ,08/30/14, 02:25 pm

Current Temperature

87.1 F

Dew Point

66.7 F

Relative Humidity

51 %Rh

Wind Effect "Feels Like"

87.1 F

Heat Index "Feels Like" 91.0 F  

Barometric Pressure

30.04 InHg

Pressure Rate Change

.00 InHg/Hr

Precipitation Since Midnight

0.00 In

Precipitation Rate 0.00 In/Hr

Wind Direction


Wind Speed

0 mph

Peak Wind Gust

0 mph

Recorded at  12:00 am

High Since Midnight

89.6 F

Recorded at  01:55 pm


66.7 F

Recorded at  03:31 am

Sunrise in Xenia, Ohio

07:00 am

Sunset  in Xenia, Ohio

08:08 pm

Time this data Created 02:25 pm  

Date this data Created


Some STATISTICS from Yesterday


0.00 In

High Temperature

86.7 F

at 04:11 pm

Low Temperature

58.1 F

at 07:07 am

Peak Wind Gust

0 mph

at 12:00 am


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